Draft Form of LOI

LOI Format for Bonny Light Crude Oil CIF/FOB etc:

The letter does not need to have any specific format but should be addressed and  have these as it’s main points:

Click Here to See A Sample of LOI for Crude Oil Purchase

a). The LOI must be on the Buyer’s Letter head. It cannot be signed
and sealed by agent (ONLY buyer or his mandate).

b). The LOI should be addressed as follows with 14 days validity:

An Example of LOI

Date: the 17th of June 2010

Ref #: 17/06/10-0321

To: Tavinoko Group Ltd

We, (the buyer), hereby state with full corporate authority & responsibility, that we are ready, willing and able to consummate the purchase of the following commodity as per the specification, quantity in accordance with the terms and conditions stated herein under. Either through ourselves or joint venture partners. These conditions are open for mutual amendments however.

c). It must state the following:

-Target Discount
-Target price etc

Banking Information

Account Details:

- Bank address

- Phone:

- Fax:

d). Signed and sealed by the buyer.

e). Saved on PDF.

Click Here to See A Sample of LOI for Crude Oil Purchase