Letter of Intent (LOI) is required from buyers of BLCO, Forcados and Qua Iboe. Buyers of Mazut, Jp54, REBCO, and D2 do not need to prepare LOI, they will issue ICPO in substitute of LOI. The LOI should be prepared by the end buyer or the buyer’s direct mandate. It should not be prepared by the intermediary. It should contain the seller’s procedure. LOI addressed to “to whom it may concern or another company” regardless of the one mentioned here will not be accepted. It should be in paper form and scanned in gif or jpeg format. LOI in pdf format will also be accepted. LOI in doc format will not be accepted.

The buyer’s full banking coordinates should be inside the LOI. The LOI should be addressed to “Uptown Oil Enterprises with attn: Engr Kingsley Modo. It should not be altered by the intermediary in any form, doing such renders the LOI invalid and unacceptable. You can download acceptable samples of LOI below. The content of the LOI may differ from the sample below.

Acceptable Sample of LOI for TTO

Acceptable Sample of LOI for TTT