Open Buyer Offers

Below are available open offers from our crude oil buyers. Please see if you can work with any of them, use the “Apply Now” button at the end of the offer to apply for it. If you are a buyer and you want your offer to be listed here for free to be seen by hundreds of crude oil sellers CLICK HERE.

> BLCO Wanted By Pfluegler

> Forcados Needed 1mbls By Oladipupo

> Blco Cif Needed 8mbls By Minne

> BLCO Buyer on CIF By Jermaine

> BLCO Buyer on CIF By Mike

> BLCO Wanted on TTT/TTO By M.Ken

> BLCO Wanted according to this Procedure By J.O

> Loaded Vessel Wanted on Cotonou or Ghana Waters by J. Omotosho

> Forcados and BLCO Naira Deal Wanted By E. Abiola

> BLCO Wanted By RPJ